Smart SMS

Smart SMS provides you with several smart features around SMS. Smart SMS translates phone numbers in your incoming SMS into names. It protects and monitors your Phone and helps you when your phone gets stolen or gets lost.
This easy-to-use software runs most of the time in the background and don’t bothers you.

Number translation
Smart SMS converts any phone number in your SMS to a name using your phone's address book. This feature is useful especially for SMS like:

  • You have unanswered calls from +155512345
  • You have messages on your voice box from +4917012345

Reminder for unread SMS
Reminds you about unread SMS. How many times don't you hear the incoming SMS on your phone? Thanks to this feature unread messages are no longer a problem.

Thief management
Notifies you via an e-mail when the SIM card of your phone has been changed.

Locate my phone
You can send an SMS to your phone with #cmd:locate# in the body and your phone will send you its “last known location” via e-mail. The e-mail also contains a link to Google Maps

Phone volume
Forgot where you put your phone and the ringer volume is set to vibrate? Send an SMS with #cmd:loud# and Smart SMS switches the ringer volume to its maximum. Now you can call your phone and you will hear it.

Features will follow:

Send data with SMS (in addition to email)

  • Phone lock (with PIN)
  • Phone ring (with PIN)
  • Wipe data (with PIN)
  • Get current location (with PIN)


Preferences Tutorial
Here you can see the different settings that you can configure. The tutorial is explaining the capability of the software. Because Smart SMS is running in the background there is no additional user interface necessary.