Quick Date

Quick Date helps you to create calendar events during a call by adding the phonenumber of the other party in the new calendar entry. Access QuickDate during a call from the notification bar.

+++ On some phones you need to press the HOME button during the call in order to pull the notification bar. (Android limitation) +++

The events are automatically tagged to the number of the person you are speaking with. You can now change the date/time of the appointment and add some text if necessary. When you save the entry it will show up in your predefined calendar.


Während des Gesprächs Notification Bar runter ziehen
During the call, just pull the notification bar down. (In some phones you have to push the home button first) In the notification bar you can now start quick date.


Während des Gesprächs Während des Gesprächs
Now you can add data to the pre-filled information and enter the date in the calendar. When you choose the date and time of the appointment QuickDate shows you all appointsments on the selected day.