NFC Droid

NFC Droid is a software package to demonstrate the capabilities of NFC on your android device.

Please note that the software is under development and in in Alpha stadium. We decided to release the software to give the audience a chance to influence which features will be added.

To use NFC Droid you must have an account on the NFC Center server. This is necessary to be able to show the capabilities with several phones and several smartcards.

  • If you don't already have an account, click the Sign Up button. This will let you create an account.
  • If you already have an account, click the Sign In button to sign in.

Supported Phones

Google Nexus S. Other Android Phones are coming soon.

Supported NFC/Dual Interface Cards

  • Different 7816 cards
  • Mifare cards
  • please tell us if a card you are using is not detected with NFC Droid


Touching your tag

Once you have installed the software on your phone you can touch a tag with the phone. NFC Droid also works in background.

When you touch a tag with the phone the phone reads the card and checks with the server if the card is already registered.

Card registered?

If yes NFC Droid shows the data associated with the card

If no NFC Droid lets you enter data for the card and then sends it to the NFC Center



Physical Access Control

Gatekeeper can check if a user is allowed to access a certain restricted area.

e.g. on an event the visitor may have access to the event but not to the VIP area.

Not finished yet.

Voucher card

Each customer of a florist OR a hairdresser OR ... gets a card (e.g. mifare 1k is pretty cheap). At each visit the customer touches the card with the phone of the seller. Then the seller enters the ammount invoiced and selects the type of the purchase:

  • Florist: bouquet, basket, assortment, tree, etc.
  • Hairdresser: cut, dry-cut, colouring, etc.

This data is stored on the server. After e.g. 20 purchases the customer gets something for free.

The stored data can also be used for effective marketing measures.

Not finished yet.

Additional ideas

Please don't hesitate to contact us.


Features in near future

General: Offline capability

What: Software shall also work if the server is not reachable.

How: We will write a signature to the card that cannot be copied.

Issue: Writing the card means that we will be limited to only a certain number of different cards.

General: Server side access

Access and configuration capabilities on the NFC Center server implementation.

Application: Physical Access Control

Access rights on the server

Application: Voucher card

Selection of the service that has been consumed.


Read more about NFC Droid on our website "NFC Center".

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At first you need to login to the service. If you dont have an account you need to register Now you can touch your tag with the phone.


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Here you can see how you can register a new card to the service