Emergency helps you in case of emergency. The first helper is able to see which person he deals with and who to call with only a few clicks. As part of your mobile health management it stores important information that can be used in case of an emergency. The data that can be stored includes:

  • Your name, age, blood type
  • A list of people to call (directly from the app) in case of emergency
  • Insurance information
  • Doctor names and numbers (call directly from the app)
  • Allergies including description and severity
  • Medical Conditions including description
  • Medications including description and dose information
  • Emergency numbers of different countries

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Emergency (ICE) Edit data
In an emergency the most important information is available at a click. In the launcher-view click on the MENU button. Now you can see all categories to enter new information to existing data.


Edit data Edit data
Short-tap on a category to expand or collapse all contained items. Long-tap on a category to add items or delete all items.


Edit data About mobile software development
Long-tap on an element to edit or delete it. In the launcher-view click on the MENU button. Now you can access the info area of the app.