Wermescher Advisory was founded in 2005 as a private company, specializing to the mobile software and consulting business. The founder has a loosely coupled network of developers.

Wermescher Advisory is headquartered in Bärnbach and developes projects especially through outsourcing and freelancers. Because of the "virtual" structure, we can always access top specialists. So it is possible to offer efficient project-oriented solutions.


Herwart Wermescher, CEO, Wermescher Advisory

Our history dates back to the first programmable smartphones on the market

Today, our products represent much more than just software for mobile phones. Your software will be custom tailored to fit the way you do business, to take advantage of your best practices and improve employee productivity. With the products in our portfolio, we deliver full-scale, mission-critical mobile applications. The diversity of our offering reflects our corporate philosophy. A discussion with you will enable us to create the perfect product combination for you. Let one of our representatives present the flexibility of our product portfolio.

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Herwart Wermescher

Managing Director, Wermescher Advisory